1911 Government/Commander Clipdraw

1911 Government/Commander Clipdraw
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Product Description

The 1911 full size Clipdraw is a popular alternative to wearing a conventional concealment holster. It is designed to fit full sized 1911 pistols including both Goverment and commander models. The 1911 Clipdraw provides maximum concealment without the bulk of traditional concealment holsters. Installation is easy and requires no gunsmithing or special tools.

How do I know if the Clipdraw will fit my handgun?

The 1911 full size Clipdraw is design to fit all full sized 1911 pistols including Government and Commander models. Please note that the 1911 Clipdraw only attaches to the right side of the pistol for a right handed draw.

How does the Clipdraw attach to my handgun?

1911 style pistols: The Clipdraw attaches using your 1911s existing grip screws (Right side draw only)

What if my pistol type is not listed above, do you offer any other compatible Clipdraw models?

Yes, the Universal Clipdraw is designed to just on just about any type of pistol. Please see our main product page for more information on the Universal Clipdraw.