Revolver Universal Clipdraw

Revolver Universal Clipdraw
Item# UniversalClipdrawRev

Product Description

The Universal Clipdraw for revolvers is designed to fit all revolver models with an alloy frame. It is made from specially tempered spring steel and is available in a stainless finish. Just like the standard Clipdraw, it provides maximum concealment without the bulk of traditional concealment holsters.

How strong is the Universal Clipdraw?

VHB tape is used in the construction and aircraft industries as a replacement for rivets. It provides a 25 lb. continuous bond that resists oil, solvents, heat and vibration. Heavy recoil and rapid slide movement have no effect on the bond strength between gun and Clipdraw. The Clipdraw stays solidly in place with adhesion actually increasing over time.

Can I use a conventional holster if the Universal Clipdraw is installed

Switching to a standard holster is simple. Just remove the Clipdraw component and in most cases the gun can be holstered with the low profile mounting plate left in place. There is no need to remove and replace the tape each time.

What parts come with the Universal Clipdraw?

The Universal Clipdraw consists of two parts. The mounting plate attaches to the gun with the double coated tape. The Clipdraw piece screws into the mounting plate with two 1/8" button head screws. Installation instructions are included with purchase.