Universal Shotgun Rail Adapter

Universal Shotgun Rail Adapter
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Product Description


Made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and black anodized for additional strength, our line of patented picatinny rail adapters for shotguns easily attaches to your shotgun in seconds allowing you to add flashlights, lasers, and other rail compatible accessories.

Our patent pending shotgun rail is the only rail on the market that allows you to attach a picatinny rail to any exposed surface area on the magazine extension. You will also have the option to mount onto the barrel itself as the adapter contour will fit both surfaces.

The new rail is slightly extended to 2" to offer additional adhesion as well as rail space. It can accommodate all known after market flashlights that use a picatinny rail mating platform.


Included is 3M VHB Adhesive tape for metals. This tape is designed for permanent adhesion to metals and is used in both the aerospace and automotive industry.

To install:

1) Clean the rails mating surface and your pistol using a gun cleaning solvent.

2) Adhere the VHB adhesive tape to the rail's mating surface and remove the red protective liner.

3) Position and press the rail onto your pistols dustcover or barrel.

4) Tightly wrap several rubber bands around your pistol and the installed rail. The pressure should be applied for at least 24 hours until the adhesive tape has fully cured and bonded to your pistol.

5) To remove, you will need to pry off the rail and use acetone to remove any remaining residue. Protective gloves must be worn when using acetone.

This method offers a superior alternative to drilling and tapping your pistol, while still providing a permanent solution that is reversible.


Yes, we have finished testing adhesion using "JB Weld Metal Epoxy Original Cold-Weld Formula - Steel Reinforced" (NOT INCLUDED WITH ORDER - AVAILABLE AT MOST HARDWARE STORES).

The epoxy can withstand magnum recoil, significant heat, and direct blows using a rubber mallet. Unlike the superglue gel it does not crack and dry causing the adhesion to fail. Most importantly, it provides a firm connection point that is permanent with the ability to remove only when using our new removal method.

To install, follow the mixing instructions on the epoxy's package and apply a thin layer of epoxy so that it covers the rail's entire mating surface.

Position the rail to the dustcover at its desired location and use several rubber bands to tightly secure the rail to the dustcover. Allow at least 24 hours for the epoxy to cure before testing.

During installation, it is helpful to use q-tips dipped in acetone to remove any excess epoxy smudges or residue prior to the curing process.

To remove, please review the following steps:

1) Follow firearm manufacture's safe handling procedures to ensure the pistol is unloaded. It is also important that you wear heat resistant gloves for all steps involving use of a heat gun. Protective gloves should also be used for all steps using acetone.

2) Using the heat gun, evenly apply heat to the entire rail for roughly 5 minutes then strike the rail with a non marring mallet so that it is dislodged. Repeat if necessary.

3) Allow the dustcover and rail to cool prior to touching.

4) Soak the rail in acetone for 24 hours. Then use a small hardwood dowel to scrape the compromised epoxy from the rail. Shaping the dowel into a chisel improves the dowel's ability to remove the epoxy.

5) To remove the remaining epoxy from the pistol's dustover cut a small segment of sponge equal to the size of the residue to be removed and soak in acetone. Use food storage plastic wrap to secure the acetone soaked sponge to the dustcover. The plastic wrap will limit evaporation and keep the sponge secured.

6) After 24 hours remove the plastic wrap and sponge soaked in acetone from the pistol's dustcover. The epoxy will be brittle and can now be removed using the wood dowel. Repeat Steps as necessary.

It should be noted that blued pistols may require a touch up using a readily available bluing product available at most Firearm and Sporting Goods stores.


12 gauge shotguns.

20 gauge shotguns.