1911 Full Size, Beretta 92/96 Picatinny Rail Adapter

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Made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and black anodized for additional strength, our line of patented picatinny rail adapters for 1911 and Beretta pistols easily attach to your pistol without drilling, gunsmithing, or performing permanent modifications.

Now you can easily and quickly install your favorite tactical light or other firearm accessory without altering the integrity of your 1911 Government, Beretta 92/96 pistol or clone.


Included is a specialized 2 part epoxy that is stronger than concrete when fully cured. It is  specially formulated to bond to stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum.The epoxy can withstand magnum recoil, significant heat, and direct blows using a rubber mallet. It provides a superior alternative to drilling and tapping your pistol, while still providing a permanent solution that is only reversible when desired.

To install, first follow your firearm manual's safe handling procedures to ensure that your pistol is unloaded. Next, clean the pistol with an appropriate gun solvent or rubbing alcohol to remove any oil residue or debris. You must remove ALL remnants of oil on your pistols mating surface to allow the epoxy to set properly.

Position the Railtac picatinny rail adapter onto your pistol and use a pencil or marker to trace the edges of the rail onto your pistol. The lines will act as a placement guide in subsequent steps. 

The  epoxy is included with your order in two vials. The darker colored vial contains the epoxy resin and the lighter colored vial contains the epoxy hardener. You will need a thin flat head screwdriver that is small enough to fit into the vial in order to remove the resin and hardener from the vials. It is important that you have a small enough tool to scrape out the epoxy before starting the installation process because the epoxy is very thick and it will not freely flow out of the vial.

It takes some patience, but remove as much of the material from each of the vials and place the materials adjacent to each other on a piece of paper so that you have a roughly 1:1 ratio of resin to epoxy. Mix the two materials until they form a solid gray color. Use a q-tip to easily "paint" the epoxy on the rail so that it is entirely covered in a thick layer. There should be a fair amount of epoxy resin remaining should you need to reapply before the curing process.

Position the rail onto the pistol and use several rubber bands to tightly clamp the rail to the pistol, while making any necessary adjustments if the rail moves out of position. Use q-tips dipped in alcohol to remove any excess epoxy smudges or residue prior to the curing process. Allow at least 24-48 hours for the epoxy to fully cure.

If you need additional epoxy for future use, please e-mail us for a recommendation of epoxies.


To remove the rail, follow your firearm manual's safe handling procedures to ensure the pistol is unloaded. It is also important that you wear heat resistant gloves for all steps involving use of a heat gun. Protective gloves should be used for all steps using acetone and removal should be done in a well ventilated area.

Using the heat gun, evenly apply heat to the rail for roughly 3-5 minutes then strike the side of the rail with a non-marring mallet to dislodge it. If necessary, repeat the heating process in 1 minute increments and strike again with the rubber mallet. Once the rail is dislodged, allow the pistol and rail to cool before moving onto to the next step.

Once cooled, use a rag and apply acetone directly to any epoxy residue remaining on your pistol and use a brass brush to assist in removal of the residue (Repeat this step until the residue is removed). Soak the dislodged rail in acetone for 24 hours as it will contain most of the epoxy residue. After it has soaked, use the brass brush and/or a dowel/craft stick to remove the remaining epoxy residue.

Blued pistols may require a touch up using a readily available bluing product available at most firearm and sporting goods stores. Again, our method is a superior method to drilling and tapping or using other rail devices made of cheap plastic.


1.5" RT-1 Railtac Picatinny Rail

High Strength/High Heat Epoxy

  • 1911 Government and Clones
  • Beretta 92/96, M9 & Clones