Railtac Rail Mounted Pistol Flashlight

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The Railtac RL-1 rail mounted flashlight is shockproof, waterproof, and secure. It features a 250 lumen light that is visible out to 150 meters. It features a constant on and strobe function. Powered by a single CR123A with a 90+ minutes (constant on) /180+ minutes (strobe) run time. Battery included. 25x38x74MM, 80 grams.

How is the flashlight activated?

The light is activated by a rearward moving switch. 1 click activates constant on and a 2nd clicks activates the strobe feature.

How do I install the flashlight?

The rail uses a guide that locks into your accessory rail and uses upwards pressure to secure the flashlight in place. There are no tightening knobs, which can loosen during recoil causing the flashlight to fall off during recoil.

As in the photo, grip the flashlight from behind so that your index finger rests on one of the flashlight's finger rest and your middle finger rests on the remaining finger rest. Place your thumb on underside of the flashlight. This position will allow you to manipulate/depress the spring with your two fingers so that you can depress the spring when your are ready to slide the flashlight on and off your accessory rail.